We have launched the "Sushi Making Kit at Home".

How about "Making Sushi at Home"?

Example of how to make sushi at home

Transfer freshly cooked rice #3 to the Kiso Sawara rice table and pour your favorite sushi vinegar over it. Mix the rice and sushi vinegar with the Miyajima as you cut it. First, grate the horseradish with grated shark skin and carefully pound it on a spruce cutting board. Slice strips of your favorite fresh fish from the supermarket into 5 mm strips and combine them with a small amount of rice and wasabi to make sushi. You can make a roll with Kyosudare. Put salmon roe, sea urchin, crab, etc. in a vat for seasoning, and make your favorite gunkan (battleship). Use a brush to smear soy sauce on top of gunkan and conger eel. Seared fish and salmon can also be seared on a burner at home. For seared zushi, I recommend a stainless steel mini-grater with Himalayan rock salt and cabos! The copper omelet pan allows you to cook authentic, fluffy omelets.

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The set contains 9 items, all made in Japan.
Kiso Sawara rice cooker / Kyosudare / Spruce cutting board / Grating shagreen grater inside / Miyajima / stainless steel mini-grater / copper tamagoyaki pot / brushes / seasoning bat

If you buy them as a set, you'll save 4,000 yen compared to buying them all together.
Please refer to the individual product pages for descriptions of each product.

[Yamanoi Shoten]
Ships from Yamanoi Shouten, a store specializing in professional professional cookware in Tsukiji, which has been in business for about 80 years.

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