UUAN Yanaka 悠々庵谷中

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"UUAN Yanaka" is the name of a restaurant located in Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo, offering raw tuna, gibier, sushi, and Japanese cuisine. We will deliver the highest quality raw Pacific bluefin tuna that we offer to your home. Our executive chef, who comes from a French background and loves Japanese cuisine, carefully selects the finest ingredients and materials and serves them in a traditional Yanaka row house old house. We look forward to serving you at Yanaka 6-chome, Taito Ward, where Nippori, Uguisudani, and Nezu Stations are the nearest stations. Dinner reservations are also available.

Tuna and Japanese Restaurant

Sushi and Tuna UUAN Yanaka

Yanaka Hideaway Old House Kitchen
#Kayaba Coffee2 houses next door

Business hours

1st, 3rd, 5th Wednesday / Every Sunday

All products are available for take-out

Special to-go boxed lunch

UUAN offers limited event lunch boxes on an irregular basis. Please enjoy the seasonal flavors that are only available at that time.

Tuna Osechi

Tuna Osechi Cuisine

UUAN is always challenging new menus and dishes such as tuna osechi. Take-out is available by reservation only. Please apply for Osechi dishes by December.


5-Piece Platter

We offer plates of 5 to 9 items to enjoy a small selection of carefully selected ingredients from UUAN Yanaka.


Yamagata soba served with seaweed salt

UUAN's special 40% buckwheat noodles are made with 40% Dewa Kaori buckwheat flour produced in Yamagata Prefecture, and are a gem of a dish that pursues a smooth, chewy texture and flavor. Please enjoy it with sake.

Eat the tuna.

Every day is tuna day

UUAN offers the finest raw Pacific bluefin tuna from all over Japan every day. The aging process varies from 4 to 14 days, allowing you to enjoy the differences in the region of origin and the degree of maturity of the tuna.

What do you want to put on it?

Special rice bowl

We offer the best tasting tuna bowl. We recommend that you enjoy this dish at least once a month.

Please enjoy the best dish of the day.

Please enjoy the best dish of the day.

Please ask the chef what you would like to eat. One of the points to enjoy is the way the tuna is prepared according to the various parts of the tuna such as blood, lean meat, and medium fatty tuna. We offer raw tuna, gibier, Japanese cuisine, Miura vegetables, and special soba noodles made with Yamagata buckwheat flour Dewa Kaori.

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