[Hand-rolled sushi at home] Kiso Sawara Iidai / Han-dai

$46.00 $56.00

30cm size for 3 cups.

Production area
Gifu Prefecture

This is a tub for mixing Shari. Sawara is ideal for sushi rice and chirashi sushi. Glass, metal, and plastic bowls do not absorb excess water and become soggy. Using a rice stand will release excess steam and bring out the flavor of the rice.

The rice is then placed on the rice stand and the vinegar is quickly and carefully mixed in. The secret is to mix the vinegar quickly and carefully so that the rice does not become sticky. If the sushi rice is shiny and smooth, it will taste good even when cold.

Yamanoi Shoten

We ship from Yamanoi Shoten, a professional cookware specialty store in Tsukiji, which has been in business for about 80 years.


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